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We help your business become legendary

Through intelligent insights so your eCommerce brand can accelerate & grow

By revealing the smartest path to navigate the storms

Using deep marketing & product data so you summit before anyone

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Less than 1% of Amazon & D2C businesses achieve $10M of sales.

But the Legends that do...

Greatness means consistently
pushing beyond the other 99%

More time, energy, and resources are an obvious requirement

But you need more.

You need a partner that helps you work smarter in addition to working harder.

Something is telling you getting to great requires knowledge you don't have and technology you don't possess.


In the business
world, knowledge
is data.

But that knowledge is useless if you can't act on it, if it can't tell you what changes to make or courses to alter to keep your business moving forward.

That's where the technology comes in, something that intelligently parses through the data and then acts on it in ways humans can't do on their own.

And in your specific category of business...

...there's so much data and so little time.

What data matters? It's not the data that's important, it's the insight that comes from it.

And the time it takes to extract insight from data is simply time you don't have, even though you know that insight has value.

Data can help uncover the right questions

How can you work smarter if doing so requires you to work harder?

The competition is always on, every minute of every day.

How can you be?


Meet Artica

We use market and consumer data to gain a deep understanding of buyer behavior so that you can intelligently optimize the buying experience, both for your business and your customers.

We offer a suite of digital tools
that strategically analyze market conditions, supply chain, retail environments, and consumer sentiment.

We advise you on business optimization strategies and then automate the needed actions for you 24/7/365.

We answer the questions you needed answers to...

Working smarter means trusting more, however.

Trust in a system you may not understand.

Trust in digital automation to analyze the data accurately and act on the insight effectively for you 24/7.

Trust that our years of commercial experience, deep data science expertise, and the powerful tools we've created from them can augment your gut instinct and help scale your business to stay in front of the competition.

See the future.


Now, your business isn't just good, it's great.

It's growing in profit, scaling in size, and success has become more cyclical.

Artica helps you create an 'innovate-then-automate' loop, one that converges exponentials as more data is produced, analyzed, and enacted.

That loop accelerates your business success, makes it more predictable and sustainable as you know more about your customer, your competitors, and the market.

And it does the work for you.

You're not working harder, you're working smarter.

In short, you win.

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